for living

Active ageing in Eastern Southland

Project Timeline

Ready for Living will be a long term action plan – delivery will commence mid-2019, and will continue to evolve for many years.

Some actions will be delivered rapidly, and some will be about a new way of planning and implementing infrastructure as maintenance and upgrades roll around.


By end of
August 2018


By mid-2019


Launch from mid-2019



Captain's Log 2039

What would the picture of ageing in the community of Gore be in 2039 – twenty years from now? Can we visualise it?

Let's attempt to do so:


  • Local – majority of health services accessed locally through technology
  • Cost-friendly – cost is a significantly reducing barrier to access to health
  • Accessible – Te Kakano model, or similar, active
  • Seamless – navigation easy; advocacy strong


  • Independent – less reliance on own car/licence
  • Cost-friendly – transport no barrier to being community-active
  • Physical-friendly – footpaths, multi-level buildings etc fit for older people


  • Intergenerational living – family or others; with or without retirement village model
  • Range of living options – suiting different needs / desires / financial ability
  • Smart houses – technology in homes suited to all ages and needs

Social Participation

  • Focus – enablers of social participation are identified and maximised
  • Work and volunteering – supported and maximised
  • Barriers identified – and dealt with, such as mental health, substance abuse

Employment and Volunteerism

  • Employers – age-friendly
  • Paid and unpaid employment for older people – equally valued
  • Training / retraining – accessible and encouraged regardless of age
  • Technology – high level of enablement


  • Information – technology-enabled for services, events, organisations
  • Access – buildings, services, retailers accessible and focussed on the importance of older people
    eg advertising, physical accessibility
  • Accreditation – age-friendly services accreditation register is developed
  • Infrastructure – as maintenance and upgrades roll around.


This all depends on the development of the action plan, which we are working on now through focus groups and consultation. Make sure you have your say to ensure it delivers what you think is needed by the older residents of this community.