for living

Active ageing in Eastern Southland


The Ready for Living project was commenced in 2018, in response to statistics showing that 41% of the Gore Population was aged 50+.

Ready for Living is a community-led project, facilitated by Gore District Council, and jointly funded by MBIE (Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment), Mataura Licensing Trust and Community Trust South.  The project was launched in 2018 to understand local perceptions of ageing and retirement, and put strategies in place to ensure ensure the vitality and sustainability of Eastern Southland into the future.  

Question One. Why do we need this project?

The Gore District's population is 'growing up', and in the coming years will become even more mature. The job of this project is to ensure that Eastern Southland has everything needed to ensure its population can age in a safe, secure and healthy environment.

Question Two: What needs to be done?

The feasibility study recognised six key priority areas that need to be worked on. Three primary priorities - Health, Housing, and Mobility; followed by three secondary, but extremely important priorities: Social Participation, Employment & Volunteerism, and Accessibility.

Our team is working alongside specalists in each of the priority areas to put a robust plan into place that will ensure all needs are meet. For example: what will health services need to look like; how will they be accessed by someone who lives in Eccles Street vs someone who lives in Knapdale or Mataura; and how can technology have a positive impact on how safe a person can be in their own home?

Focus groups will draft action plans which will then be shared with community members to ensure they will meet local needs, before the action plans are finalised.

Question Three: How can I contribute?

Our team is currently putting workshops together with experts in all of the targeted areas to form a draft action plan for each of the priority areas. These will then be shared with the local community for input and to ensure they will meet local need, and we would welcome your opinion.

If you are willing to be part of the public consultation phase of the project please keep an eye on this website for updates or email our team on to express your interest. We will then contact you when the schedule is confirmed.