Active aging in Eastern Southland

Free Swimming for Over 80s

We reckon our older residents deserves a bit extra. That’s why there’s free swimming and aquafit classes in Gore for those aged 80 years and over.

Swimming and aquatic exercise is a great low impact exercise for older people with many health and wellbeing benefits. Many studies have proven swimming and aqua aerobics have many benefits for older people including improving cardiovascular health, reduces risk of falls, improves sleep, boost mental health, and is gentle on joints. The pool is a point for social connections for many older people which adds further benefits to their wellbeing, local pool staff see older people making these connections on a daily basis.

Free swimming helps acknowledge contribution to our community that many long-standing rate payers have made and recognition that older people are valued and considered by the council.

The 80’s plus swimming will allow free swimming and aqua aerobics to our seniors.


For a free swim for those over 80:

When heading for a swim or aquafit class just tell the Gore Aquatic Centre staff member at reception your over 80 and they will ask to see proof of age such as a driver license, birth certificate, passport, or Vaccination pass.

To receive a year’s membership, you would need to a complete form, and staff sight proof of age to receive the membership card.