Active aging in Eastern Southland

Free Parking for 80+

We reckon our older residents deserves a bit extra. That’s why there’s free parking in Gore for those aged 80 years and over.

Older people are more likely to have mobility issues, and have trouble walking long distances. Advancing age is associated with impaired balance, poorer mobility, vision and cognition, each of which can increase the risk of falls. Globally, a third of people aged 65 years and older fall at least once per year, with 55% of falls resulting in a fracture.

Providing free parking at metered spaces is aimed to enable older members of our community to come into town to utilise and enjoy the facilities available in our CBD and encourage more social interaction.

This permit helps acknowledge contribution to our community that many long-standing rate payers have made and recognition that older people are valued and considered by the council.

From the 2018 Census data Gore District has 750 people over 80 years old of which 232 have mobility permits which allow use of mobility parks or free parking in all parks for maximum time permitted. There is a cost of $50 for mobility parking permits which is a barrier for some people from being able to use this option, providing a no cost options helps the Gore District Council be inclusive of all older people.

We were surprised to find out from current NZTA data that in the Gore District 481 over 80-year-olds hold a car driver licence!!

The 80’s plus parking permit will allow parking in metered parks for free, for maximum the time permitted (2 hours).  Time restricted and mobility parks are not included in this.

To be eligible for a free parking permit, applicants must:

  • Produce a current New Zealand driver licence
  • Drive their own vehicle
  • Be aged 80 years or over

It’s free to apply for a permit.


To find out more details and apply go to the Gore District Council Office or click the link below to do online

Gore District Council Free Parking Application