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FOCUS AREA: Employment and Volunteerism

ARO Ā TAKE: Mahi/Tūao

Employment, whether paid or unpaid, is a key part of the broader sense of meaning and purpose.

It is important to value the ability of people to continue to make a significant contribution in the workforce, regardless of their age. Volunteering is equally important and contributes significantly to communities and GDP.


Re-training needs to be an option at any age.

  • Education provision for older people
  • Accessibility
  • Affordability


Understanding the needs of employees and volunteers and ensuring they are valued.

  • Connecting needs with potential volunteers
  • Job board
  • Placement arrangements
  • Understanding needs

Employer Education

Supporting employers to better understand the drivers of their older employees, and putting initiatives in place to enable them to remain in the workplace.

  • Retaining older employees
  • Recognition of experience
  • Rewards
  • Skills transfer
  • Flexible work hours

Community Education

Older people bring huge value to the community through paid and unpaid roles, and this work needs to be highly valued and recognised.

  • Value attached to unpaid employment
  • Valuing older employees
  • Role modelling / profiling good practice
  • Recognition at Gore District Community Awards

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering as a productive activity in later life has been associated with social and health benefits for older people. Being connected and having meaningful relationships with our wider community is critically important for our wellbeing as we age. Older people can experience loneliness and social isolation, which contribute to poor mental and physical health outcomes. Volunteering can help increase interactions with others and bring you a sense of purpose.

Its good to look at a few options and work out which one interests you most and you enjoy


There are endless opportunities in Gore to Volunteer some of them are:

Pakeke Lions Recycling Centre                                             03 208 3771

Gore Hospice Shop                                                                  03 208 0880

Salvation Army shop                                                               03 208 4440

St Johns Health Shuttle                                                          03 208 6617

Big Buddy Programme                                                            03 208 0877

SupportLink – Buddy support for Elderly                          03 208 0864

Meals on Wheels                                                                       03 207 2780

Mataura Meals on Wheels                                                      03 203 8501

Age Concern Accredited Visiting Service                             03 218 6351

Sports Clubs – all love help with coaching, management and admin


We would love to hear from you! What do you think needs to be done to make Gore District the place you would want to stay in for your older years?