Active aging in Eastern Southland


Our Main Funder is P H Vickery Charitable Trust

In 1962 the P H Vickery Charitable Trust (Vickery Trust) was established by the late Mr Percy Harry Vickery. The purpose of the Vickery Trust is to support and benefit elderly people residing in the province of Southland, New Zealand.

Initially the Trustees focused on establishing and assisting residential rest homes enabling them to provide beds for the elderly in Southland. Currently the need for rest home beds has diminished and the Trustees’ focus is now predominantly on assisting elderly in their own homes and providing services and support.


The Gore District Council delivers services, facilities and projects following the direction set by elected members. The Councillors are elected across five wards that represent the urban and rural areas of the District. This direction is outlined mainly in the Council’s statutory documents – the Long Term Plan and the Annual Plan.

The Gore District Council plays an active role in creating an environment that encourages new business and supports an innovative rural sector; ensuring everyone enjoys the same sports and recreational opportunities, and fosters the continued growth of its arts and heritage.


The Community Networking trust was set up in 2000 with a vision to support a healthy, resilient and connected community. Twenty years on CNT continues to lead and enable effective social service provision in Eastern Southland.

We exist to ensure our rural community has access to the social and community services it needs – being rural shouldn’t mean you can’t get what you need.