Gore District Council - Focus on Health


ARO Ā TAKE: Hauora

The importance older people place on health cannot be over-emphasised.

Access to health services is vital. The ideal is a high level of accessibility with minimum fuss and difficulty. 

Health Advocacy

Support to assist with navigating the health care system. Actions and initiatives being considered:

  • Seamless, joined up care
  • Follow up with clients after checkups
  • Easy to access appointments
  • Readily available information about where to go, how to access services

Remote Delivery

Enabling access to quality health services despite distance from main centres.

  • Retention of the local hospital is essential
  • Attracting qualified people to the area
  • Adequate special services eg dementia, mental health
  • Majority of services accessed locally
  • Greater use of telemedicine and remote servicing

Care Delivery Innovation

Doing things differently to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of health care.

  • Improved integration of services and connectedness between them
  • Culturally appropriate – for iwi and migrants

Home Support and Home Based Technology

Providing in home support which boost independence and confidence, and ensure that older people do not become isolated from health and wellness services by remaining in their own home.

  • In home medical support
  • Electronic monitoring connected to primary providers
  • Community nursing


St Johns Medical Alarm – The only alarm monitored directly by St John. Once alarm is pushed, they will call you back and talk to you through the alarm speaker to check if you are ok. If there is no answer, they will organise for the most appropriate help.

Call 0800 50 23 23 23 for more alarm information

Health and Wellness Accessibility

Increasing access and minimising barriers to health and wellness services.

  • Affordability, barriers are minimised
    – both health and wellness (preventative)
  • Transport readily available
  • Home visits where appropriate


We would love to hear from you! What do you think needs to be done to make Gore District the place you would want to stay in for your older years?