Gore District COuncil - FOcus on Accessibility

FOCUS AREA: Accessibility

ARO Ā TAKE: Āheitanga

Making access to the community as easy as possible is fundamental to encouraging older people to remain engaged, especially as physical and/or health issues make life more challenging.


Ensuring that information is readily available to those who want to know what is on offer.

  • Knowing what’s available
  • Older person’s expo for information provision
  • Monthly newsletter

Physical Access

Physical access challenges can be overcome to ensure that older people (and others with reduced physical ability) can access private and public buildings.

  • Age-friendly buildings and

Hazard Mitigation

Putting measures in place to minimise the hazards which can disrupt active participation in the community.

  • Communication process to notify GDC of identified hazards eg footpath tripping hazards


The attitude of the community towards older people plays a huge part in their willingness and confidence to play an active part.

  • Community education/ buy-in

Accreditation Scheme

Giving older people confidence that service providers are going to treat them well.

  • Agreed standards and commitments (including reporting concerns)
  • Dementia friendly business
  • Age inclusive business register


We would love to hear from you! What do you think needs to be done to make Gore District the place you would want to stay in for your older years?