Gore District Council - Focus on Housing


ARO Ā TAKE: Ngā Whare

Housing is a fundamental requirement to enable active ageing.

If housing is a source of comfort, instead of a source of stress or challenge in the life of an older person,
life is just easier.

Support at Home

Services available to ensure that remaining in ones’ own home is a source of comfort rather than a source of stress.

  • Mobile services to support people at home
  • Added community based supports eg home maintenance services, supermarket delivery
  • Home handyman service

For some great information on ‘Home repairs and maintenance checklist tools’ click the link below

Repairs and maintenance

For information on ‘Support tools for older renters and landlords’ click the link below

Tools for you renting

We also have a few hard copies of these, if you would like one please contact us

Housing and Retirement Village Models

Availability of options, under a range of models, for housing for those in their older years.

  • Intergenerational living
  • Community-based model
  • Trust vs privately owned
  • Co-location with other community facilities eg schools, childcare
  • Kaumatua housing

For great information for people wondering whether or not to downsize. Click the link below

Down sizing

We also have a few hard copies of this, if you would like one please contact us

Affordability, Suitability, Location and Sizing

Meeting the housing needs of those in their older years, recognising the changing landscape of home ownership

  • Ageing and limited housing stock
  • Assessment housing stock
  • Fewer people will enter retirement who own their own home
  • Down-sizing options


Rates Rebate Scheme

The rates rebate scheme offers a discount to low income earners who pay rates on their own home. Ratepayers apply to their local council for the rebate

Rates rebate

Smart Houses

Maximising the technology available to make life easier and enable people to safely remain in their own home if they wish to.

  • Safety management
  • Health support technologies
  • Retail services, ie supermarkets
  • Connecting families through


Integrating the right technologies at the right time to give families the security and peace of mind to know loved ones are safe.


We would love to hear from you! What do you think needs to be done to make Gore District the place you would want to stay in for your older years?