Age Friendly Business

Age Friendly Business is a programme which recognises businesses and organisations that are aspiring to be age friendly. By participating you will be saying to your customers, clients and the community that you have committed to a journey of learning, self-assessment and continuous improvement


Age Friendly Business initiative is an easy self-assessment of your own business to meet the needs of older people as well as the whole community. Once you have completed this you will receive a ‘Aspiring to be Age friendly’ recognition sticker/ logo to use.

The Age friendly Business Framework and toolkit was developed in conjunction with Gore Districts older community members, along with businesses and services organisations

The initiative aims to support businesses and service providers to adapt to the changing population and to better meet the needs of their customers and clients.

It not a lot of work for businesses but just changing a few small things in their own time, no deadlines to meet.


Resources below

Becoming an Age Friendly Business

Toolkit – Self Assessment

Toolkit – Action Plan